Ethics Feedback Panel for Networking and Security

The Networking and Security Ethics Feedback Panel is a forum to help researchers identify ethics-related risks from their experiments and reduce these risks.


This panel is intended to augment and assist you and your institution's existing process for reviewing the ethics of experiments in Networking and Security to achieve better outcomes—not to replace these processes. We encourage researchers to submit their research proposals for feedback prior to submitting them for institutional review, so that they may integrate risk-reduction measures suggested by panelists and use panelists' feedback to inform institutional reviewers. We also encourage researchers to request guidance from the panel should new ethical issues arise during the execution of research. (For more on the purpose and use of ethics-feedback panels, read this.)

How to requeset feedback from this panel

After reading the purpose and policies that govern requests and the panel, submit your request to Please the level of confidentiality to be applied to your request by adding one of three prefixes to the subject of your message.

If you want your request to be discussed in the open and to appear in an archive immediately available to the public, use prefix [OPEN].
If you want your request to be kept confidential under our default policies, use prefix [CONF].
If you want your request to be kept confidential, and forbid those on the panel from using it to publish aggregate research about the panel, use prefix [CONF-NOMETA].

Current Panelists (last updated October 10, 2014)

PanelistInstitutionAreas of Expertise
Ronald Deibert Citizen Lab, University of Toronto Censorship, Surveillance
Masashi Crete-Nishihata Citizen Lab, University of Toronto Security, Censorship, Surveillance
Nick Feamster Georgia Institute of Technology Networking, Security, Surveillance
Phillipa Gill Stony Brook University Networking, Security, Surveillance
Erin Kenneally Univeristy of California/CAIDA Law, Research into Underground Markets, Risk-benefit Assessment, Network Measurement, Technology Policy
Jon Penney Oxford, CitizenLab, Berkman Center Law, Communications Policy/Regulation, Surveillance, Internet Social Science/Governance
Stuart Schechter Microsoft Research Security Human Subjects Experiments, Deception Experiments, Ethical-Response Surveys
Philipp Winter Princeton University Anonymity, Networking, Security, Surveillance
Joss Wright Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford Censorship, Privacy, Data Anonymisation
Ben Zevenbergen Oxford Internet Institute Law, Privacy and Internet Governance